*UPDATED* Blog 2: Indigenous Psychology and Posting Issues Addressed


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During the pre-colonial times of the Philippines, there were different regions that had their own distinct dialect, cultures, and lifestyle based on the nearest trade route. Each region was influenced by other countries through trading their resources for survival needs. For example: water, oil, rain forests, fertile soil, gold, spices, and labor. 

The indigenous psychology is about knowing about yourself, but through your roots. It is different from the West because they were more focused on triumph and was written by the successors. Once western culture colonized the Philippines, their lifestyle and education influenced the indigenous people which later caused them to lose their sense of identity. Since western education was based on triumph and success, that knowledge was instilled into their daily lifestyle causing them to forget how their own his/herstory. 

Indigenous culture is important because it gives the knowledge about your roots, causing you to understand the his/herstory that was lost. Knowing your roots can give you the link to ones community which later offers a sense of belonging.